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Organization and carrying out of fire tests of building structures, products and materials

  • determination of the fire resistance limits of building construction elements:
      - divisions and coverings of buildings and structures (including those made of cast reinforced concrete);
      - walls and partitions, including the glassed ones;
      - flights of the stairs, landings of staircase and their elements;
      - beams, collar beams, frames, arches and truss elements;
      - columns;
      - balconies and corridors.
  • determination of fire resistance of:
      - doors, gates and hatches;
      - fire windows;
      - fire and smoke curtains (screens);
      - air pipes and fire ventilation dampers;
      - cable passages and passages of plastic pipes;
      - cable lines and their components;
      - suspended ceilings.
  • determination of fire resistance capability of fire-resisting finishes and veneers of:
      - load-bearing metallic structures;
      - load-bearing reinforced-concrete structures.
  • determination of an indicator of fire propagation along the structures:
      - along vertical structures (columns, exterior and interior walls, partitions, walls of stairwells, fire barriers, etc.);
      - along horizontal structures (collar beams, beams, divisions, flights of the stairs and stairs landings, suspended ceilings, air pipes, pipelines, etc.).
  • determination of coefficients of intumescence of fire-resistant coatings;
  • determination of a group of fire retardant efficiency of fire-retardant materials for the wood;
  • determination of a group of not easily combustible and flammable solid substances and materials.

Organization and carrying out of fire tests of building structures, products and materials used in the shipbuilding industry in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization

  • • fire-retardant and fire-resistant structures
      - bulkheads,
      - fire-prevention decks and linings;
      - fire-resisting doors;
  • cable passages, hatches for pipes;
  • windows and portholes;
  • covers of companion hatches, deck lights and ventilation hatches;
  • ventilating fire dampers.